Stephanie + Damien

"I had been planning all of the wedding details and thought I had everything under control. My plan for the centerpieces were going to be simple. I was going to float flowers in shallow fishbowl that the venue supplied. I ordered loose flowers from a flower shop and also Costco. I thought we would have plenty
of time to figure it out when we started decorating. At that point the venue hit me with some bad news. We were only given two hours prior to the ceremony to decorate. Which translated into an hour and a half, since guests would start arriving. I was in a panic. I realized my team could not decorate everything in that short time frame.


I contacted the flower company, but on such short notice they were unable to help. I was given Jessica's contact information less than two weeks before the wedding day. She got back to me quickly. I asked if she could decorate the centerpieces on the tables while we concentrated on everything else. Amazingly, with such short notice she agreed. She asked me if I wanted her to help us coordinate the ceremony. I was reluctant. I figured it wasn't that tough, since I had a small wedding party. But after talking with some friends I decided it might be a good idea. It would help with keeping the stress level down. I am so glad we made that decision. Jessica helped out so much, we were a mess! She even helped me put my shoes on since the bridal party was so busy. She helped track missing people down, she helped get out gifts to each other. She helped keep us on track. I don't know how late the wedding would have started without her. Best of all, she kept me calm amid the chaos.


I highly recommend Jessica. Even if you were like me, thinking everything is under control. It is a piece of mind to have Jessica, a professional who knows weddings inside and out."