Morgan + Phil

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"Let me begin by saying Phil and I were engaged for well over two years and planning for just as long before we hired Jessica. I’m a fairly organized woman in my work life, but as a mom to a toddler with a fiancé deployed things can gets disorganized to say the least. And what are we more likely to do in this current mainstream-media-era… Facebook. We Facebook our wedding planning issues for our friends and family to see because we want them to know that 1.) We’re planning a highly elaborate, Pinterest-inspired, Etsy-themed wedding and 2.) We are successfully doing it all by ourselves while playing Super Mom and Skype Wife, and finally 3.) We want everyone to be in awe of our accomplishments.


Well, I ranted in the former medium and a long ago friend from high school and current Facebook friend, Jessica, came to my rescue! She explained to me about how she was starting a new venture in wedding planning and that she would be happy to help me at an extremely affordable rate compared to other New Mexico wedding planners and companies. Trust me, I did the research and most companies here in Albuquerque charge a ridiculous amount to plan your wedding. Not to mention, they’re less hands-on, and you’re probably conducting your business and fighting for your time with ten or twenty other brides all at once.


Jessica came into our wedding planning right in the middle, or at least I thought it was the middle. Turned out, it was probably the beginning with as much as I had her helping me with and taking on. Jessica became my voice in so many meetings and situations where at times I felt as though I lost mine with vendors. She became a close friend, a food allergy buddy, and overall a wonderful wedding planner.


Most men aren’t interested in the nitty-gritty details like venue look and feel, table placements, lights, flowers, cake designs, etc., but Jessica became this awesome interactive soundboard, if you will. She did endless research for me to find the best deals on flowers, a string quartet, and even bakeries and cake shops that would suit our intense dietary needs for dairy-free and gluten-free.


We had an elaborate ceiling display of string lights that involved a third party company, lots of contracts, some one-off meetings, and plenty of phone calls and emails. That detail alone would have absolutely not happened without Jessica leading the project and helping engineer the process and design with the contractor, and the communication between contractor and vendor.


We also had a string quartet (as a surprise to my husband) to only play as I walked down the aisle. It was an elaborate job to take on because the goal was to not have my fiancé see the quartet until him and our Pastor walked towards the alter. Jessica made sure that all the elements of surprise were implemented to the fullest and also made sure to keep our wedding on time as close as possible as to not get overcharged by the music vendor. She even went as far as to negotiate on our behalf when an issue arose about running 15 minutes behind and the vendor tried to make us pay an insane amount for those 15 minutes.


Lastly, we had a surprise Groom’s cake for my husband to be displayed at our rehearsal dinner. Jessica was kind enough to go pick up the cake across town and make sure everything was set up in time before we got there. It was AMAZING and, by far, my husband’s favorite memory of that night!


Jessica made sure that everything was orchestrated perfectly the day-of and she stayed the whole night with us to make sure we wouldn’t have any problems that we’d have to take care of ourselves (she even made sure we ate!). As you’ve read, Jessica was our savior in more instances than one. She coordinated so many intricate details and set-up a variety of meetings without any assistance. She’s also extremely organized, so it was really helpful when she pulled out her little notebook with all of our plans every time I forgot a step.


We are so incredibly grateful for Jessica’s services, friendship and just overall demeanor, that I would recommend her to absolutely anyone planning a wedding—at any stage!"

-Morgan Overton and Phillip Levison