Chelsea + Gavin

Minh Quan Photo

"Gavin and I had been engaged for over a year before we decided to hire Jessica as our day of wedding coordinator. Our wedding was about six months away at that time, we had the majority of the planning done. Our ceremony and reception were held at a house we rented in the Sandia Heights Neighborhood in Albuquerque NM. We purposefully had a long engagement so that we had time to plan the wedding ourselves and to prevent ourselves from stressing.


After attending several weddings prior to ours, we often saw the bride or the groom being bombarded by questions about caterers when to serve the cake, where should the DJ setup, etc. We quickly realized that we didn’t want to be responsible for those decisions the day off and decided to hire someone who would serve as the day of coordinator.

We wanted to thoroughly enjoy our wedding day we had spent so much time planning, we found the perfect person who could execute the day of coordination, and that was Jessica. Jessica and I were high school friends, per Facebook I was aware she had just begun a wedding planning business. I quickly contacted her and we meet to discuss the details that go along with a day of coordination. Jessica was just as bright and exuberant as I remember and she also possesses a poised professionalism that made me confident in my decision to hire her.


Prior to the wedding Jessica and I met several times to develop a plan and schedule. This was all a huge relief to both Gavin and me, knowing someone would be there the day of to resolve anything that might come up.  We had also recruited Jessica to facilitate the rehearsal, we had a live piano player performing special songs as we walked down the aisle. Jessica quickly and effortlessly took charge of the rehearsal. The first run of the rehearsal went so smoothly that we didn’t feel the need to practice any further. Needless to say, our wedding ran even more efficiently.


Guests were shuttled to the property as there was limited parking on the narrow and tight roads in the Sandia’s.  Jessica worked closely with the chauffeur to ensure that guests were being transported safely and in a timely manner. While guests were being shuttled, Jessica was constantly checking in on the wedding party to make sure we had everything we need as well as giving us a countdown to show time. The ceremony was short and sweet. As the wedding party was taking pictures and the guests were listening to the piano player and having cocktails Jessica was working with the wait staff to prepare for the dinner service.

We should also mention that Jessica picked up the food and deserts so that we or anyone in the wedding wouldn’t have to worry about leaving the property. Prior to dinner being served Jessica announced that Gavin and I would be having our first dance, after that the wedding party would get their food and then guests were welcome to the buffet style set up. The wait staff and Jessica executed dinner perfectly. While guests were dining, Jessica was directing the live band where to set up. All the while Jessica continued to check in on Gavin and me.


Following dinner were the special dances, which we had to push back a touch to allow our photographer a little extra time with Gavin and I so we could take advantage of the beautiful sunset, this also meant Gavin and I needed a little extra time to quickly eat before we proceeded to the next set of special dances. Jessica quickly adjusted the schedule and no one was the wiser of the change. The special dances went perfectly and we moved on to open dancing, speeches, the garter and bouquet tosses. Jessica adapted to every little situation thrown her way and needed little to no guidance at all. As Gavin and I mingled with friends and family everyone complimented what a great job Jessica was doing.


We honestly and firmly believe hiring Jessica was the best investment we made. She was the last key piece in making our wedding just as perfect as we had envisioned. We cannot thank Jessica enough for the service she provided and we wish her luck with all her future wedding planning endeavors."

Chelsea and Gavin Montoya