Ashley + Brian


"I don't need a planner.  I'm a very organized and in-charge person.  I know how to delegate and my friends and family want to help.  It's not worth paying someone for what we can do ourselves". Sound familiar? I said it, too.  I was wrong and it is worth every penny!  Thankfully, I came to my senses in time and found Jessica.

You can't be everywhere and you shouldn't be! At some point during the day-of or days/weeks before, it's time to focus on enjoying the event rather than planning it and let a pro handle the details. Jessica is wonderful to work with and talk to. 

I am very detailed and know what I want.  Jessica was excited to make my vision come to life while offering her insights and experience along the way. She's flexible yet firm when necessary and wants to give you exactly what you ask for while being there as an ear, offering advice and experience if you want it.   She kept us focused and on time, which is exactly what I asked for.   And while your friends and family offer to help, they should be guests! Let them - and yourself - enjoy this day without the stress of all those little details! Let Jessica be there for you!